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An understanding of Kardia's natives

To any human entering Kardia, you may wonder why Kardia has a population of humans already, spanning far around the Major Tria and beyond. The idea that Kardia has native humans however is misfound; all humans are either native to or descend from a human originally from Earth. In the same manner, the animal societies are not native either, but their origins lie hazy and undefined. What is for definite is that Kardia has only four native intelligent species to its land:


Common in any fairytale, the dragons have long existed in Kardia. Very antisocial creatures, they dislike all other species and favour themselves. Dragons often come in many shapes and sizes, lacking and obtaining many features. All dragons do not age, and are mortal in combat but rarely fall to other beasts due to their calibre.

Dragons come into being by being hatched from eggs, laid by the Dragonmother. The dragonmother will lay eggs and raise children until she lays a daughter, at which point she will perish and the role of dragonmother will pass down. The dragonmother is the largest of all dragons and will stand almost twice the size of her children, ladled with all the abilities her children may wield. She will be intensely protective and hence this why their antisocial nature persists. It may take many children before the dragonmother bears her heir, hence generations last for centuries.

When it became apparent the dragons needed a voice, the dragonfather was assigned; such a position meant that the dragonfather must speak with the dragonmother, tend to her needs, and tame her children so that they would not attack or endanger the people. Hence why the dragonfather was a part of Oracle's Dozen.

During the era of the magician, the then dragonmother had only conceived four children; Shadow, a black scaled dragon without wings but with telepathic abilities and a strange empathy for Kardia's other species; Dawn, a white and hairy dragon with blue highlights and wings and who can spit a supercooled liquid that freezes that which it touches; Flame, a red dragon with pronged scales with the ability to breathe fire and yet has a calm personality; and Emerald, a green, long and wingless dragon that swims the sea instead of the air. During this period, only Emerald was close to his mother, as Flame was the Red King's steed, Dawn a captive of Beezle and the armies of the Lord of Pride, and Shadow had fallen asleep in the Marble City when the Clock Tower was broken.


The golems are creatures of stone, sculpted by the Master Sculptor. The golems believe that they were originally sculpted by the first golem, Dor, a god in his own right. He crafted the first master sculptor and then left the mortal realm. Since then, the Master Sculptor has been given the task of crafting golems. Each golem is crafted with a purpose in mind, such as a miner, a farmer, a woodsman, etc. The Master Sculptor also crafts their apprentice to take on the role of Master Sculptor in case of their demise. Whilst golems do not age either, they are mortal in battle.

Golems have often been attributed to look like humans, but are far from their counterparts. Gender is also a figment in golem culture, regardless of whether a golem looks male or female. Golems all come from Stoneheim, and make their homes underground, but rarely interact with other species.

Some major golems in Kardia were the five golems that sealed the scar shortly after the Boy's disappearance, about twenty-five years before the era of the magician. The five golems were named the Lords of Pride, Famine, War, Greed and Lust as embodiments of the counters, and were originally made to aid the populace of the Major Tria.


As opposed to the dwarf-like humans present around Kardia, the gnomes were originally creatures that blended with the flora of the world. They are almost indistinguishable from the plantlife, taking on the form of anything from a tree to an everyday weed. The gnomes are the wisest of Kardia's natives, never ageing alike all of Kardia's natives, but incredibly susceptible to external elements. The only way to distinguish a gnome is through the whispers it makes when speaking to other gnomes, but only certain people can hear such whispers. Sometimes, gnomes may not even whisper at all becoming one with nature.

The small people usually given the name gnome come from a perhaps distant heritage and link, but it's not been told.


Fairies' appearance is an orb of light, with some dense ball in the centre that's never been directly studied. They come in many different colours and often live in forests or heavily wooded areas away from other less intelligent creatures that may prey on them. They can hover in the air, but cannot lift themselves any more than fifty feet from the ground. The fairies are seen as the most naive of all Kardia's natives, their society built on a monarchy system with kings of smaller groups. They also discriminate between themselves based on colour, which is seen as childish in the eyes of Kardia's other natives.

They stray away from other intelligent species, but are often friendly when met, speaking in high-pitched voices. Fairies are also said to be in tune with magic, but rarely take the time or thought to manipulate it for their own ends. Hence their culture seems low-end compared to Kardia's other species.

Before the era of the magician, it was recorded that there were five major groupings of fairies; the Red Fairies, the Blue Fairies, the Green Fairies, the Silver Fairies and the Purple Fairies, all holding a king in their respective colour, apart from the King of the Green fairies who was orange.
Species Native to Kardia
World building is nice sometimes, but generally for my novels I find I leave things unexplained because one; it doesn't need to be and two; I don't have an explanation.

I just want something else to be on the front of my journal.


Oh hey look! New stuff! Go check it out. Let me get to Top Hats later...


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Stanley Dodd
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Alright, what can I put as a Bio?

I first joined to see some cool pictures, got bored, forgot about here then realised that people write on here too.

And I was thinking, 'what!?'

So I guess that's my new plan. I used to put up my Saga of the Man in the Top Hat, but that's on hiatus as I get through some tough writer's block. In the meantime you get some poetry and short stories. Enjoy at your own risk.

In my eyes, when I write, I write art. When I write, I write what I see. When I write, I'm not telling a story, I'm painting the picture of the world, the people, the events all inside your mind! I don't always choose words for meaning, I choose for their sound. How they feel. Literature is art in many ways, and poetry isn't the only one for this.

Perhaps my Saga will help those who don't understand.

When I write, I write by the motion of my hand and heart and not by my mind and mood.

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